Filmageddon’s Top 10 Films of 2017

So here we go…another year has come to an end and as reputable film viewers and disenchanted film bloggers it is our duty to tell the few people interested out there what our top films of the year are and why.

So without further ado let’s get into the FIlmageddon Crew’s Top Films of 2017. FRANK 10. Brawl in Cell Block 99
I was not expecting anything near what I got when I sat down in the cinema to catch Brawl in Cell Block 99. I had avoided the adverts and went into the film not knowing all that much about the plot. I was expecting a drama with some attempted award buzz by Vince Vaughn. No. Nope. Nothing like that at all. This is a balls to the wall action-thriller that feels straight out of the 80’s, perhaps that’s why it struck the right chord with me. You can easily picture the likes of Van Damme, Seagal or maybe even Schwarzenegger taking on the role of Bradley Thomas but instead we get Vince Vaughn who besides not exactly looking all that ‘hard’ does a great job at inflating a lot of graphic damage against his foes. It’s not going to be remembered in the long run of great action films but for a bloody good time at the cinema in 2017, Brawl was near the top.

here 9. Logan
Speaking of a BLOODY good time at the cinema, the sheer pints of plasma shed during Logan was a breath of fresh air to not just Hugh Jackman’s troubled mutant but the entire X-Men film franchise up to this point. I have a big love/hate relationship with he series (I’m sure I’m not alone)  and had a sour taste in my mouth after Acrapolypse helped to destroy my love of one of the most badass villains in the Marvel universe. Less talk about that poo-poo platter and more great memories of Logan. Great performances by Jackman and Patrick Stewart (naturally) but also a great debut by Dafne Keen. It still fell into some of the tropes that these films tend to do but it’s as close to perfect as any X-Men film to date.

8. T2: Trainspotting
As anyone who knows me will probably attest, when presented with the question of what my favourite film of all-time is nine times out of ten the answer will be Trainspotting. I love it, all of it, from start to finish, there isn’t a single minute of the film in which I check out. Danny Boyle’s kinetic energy in directing John Hodge’s excellent adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s groundbreaking novel was ALWAYS going to be a near-impossible film to top but with all the original creative talent involved there was hope that lightning could strike twice. I’d say when all was said and done we didn’t get another masterpiece but we did get what I thought was a very compelling sequel that wasn’t concerned with being a carbon copy of the original. It was great seeing Renton, Sick Boy, Spud and Begbie on the big screen again after all these years.

dosis methylprednisolone 8 mg 7.Okja
Don’t get me wrong, Netflix are at the top of the pile when it comes to original television content but their original film content has been very hit and miss. Bong Joon-ho’s Okja was very much a step int eh right direction. The film tells the story of the Super Pig Okja and features a great cast. It’s one of the few films this year (or anything really) that has put a big smile on my face and filled with with honest-to-goodness happy feelings.

6. Battle of the Sexes
I have a soft spot for tennis, it helps me pay the bills and is a lot of fun to watch. I also like Emma Stone (like…really like), Steve Carell and the seemingly endless amount of great actors in this flick that tells the story of Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King’s historic tennis match. The film is actually about a hell of a lot more than just that match…that match is actually a pretty small part of it to be honest. What we get here is a great character drama that gets us to care not just about Stone’s King but also Carell’s Riggs. It’s one of the few films I’ve seen that apart from one dickish character doesn’t really have any outright unlikeable characters. Riggs is built up to be the villain but we are shown all sides and get to know a lot of characters in the good times and the bad. I don’t know what Alan Cummings was doing in this film but it certainly didn’t seem like anything important apart from shoehorning in a very obvious message at the end of the film.

5. The Killing of a Sacred Deer
Yorgos Lanthimos is back to fuck with what little sanity you have remaining after watching The Lobster. Seriously, this is some crazy, squirm inducing stuff. It’s not a film that feels as removed from reality as The Lobster but it still as an otherworldly feeling. I’d like to think that the kinds of things that happen in this film aren’t happening in the real world but who knows what kind of stuff goes down out there in the wild, am I right? Colin Farrell sticks around from The Lobster and is joined by another pretty lady with an accent playing a pretty lady without an accent in Nichole Kidman. It’s a film that will mess with you in the best ways possible. Watch it, drink alcohol, cry and watch again.

4. Star Wars The Last Jedi
As the self-proclaimed biggest Star Wars fanatic in the Filmageddon team (in both size and overall fandom) I’m just as shocked as you are that this film sits this ‘low’ on my list. I think it would be higher if I hadn’t looked at the films remaining on my shortlist but as I’ve said multiple times now, this entry into the franchise is by far the hardest yet to instantly love or hate. It does so much different as opposed to The Force Awakens which did so much the same. Upon a first viewing I found myself having to defend it (mostly against the rest of Filmageddon) while knowing that parts of it rubbed me the wrong way. After reading a lot more about the film and realising that I may have had a drink or two too many I decided a second viewing was in order. Coming out of the second viewing I felt so much more positivity, the parts I thought had been slow before felt better the second time and strange scenes suddenly made sense. I don’t think films should be a homework assignment in which you need to take a fine-tooth comb to every scene to appreciate it but with Star Wars I can make an exception. I think with additional viewings I will grow to like it even more. The fact that I’ve seen it multiple times in the cinema, a statement I can’t make about any of the other films on this list, speaks volumes.

3. The Florida Project
I was lucky enough to catch this film on the big screen and was so pleasantly surprised in every aspect of it. Normally I hate kids, sorry but it’s true, they’re annoying and you know it yet the young cast of The Florida Project nearly melted my stone heart as they spit out all sorts of vulgar language and insults. Beyond the foul mouthed ankle biters is a strong adult cast anchored buy a fantastic supporting role for Willem Dafoe and a gut wrenching story about a family trying to survive in an oftentimes brutal world. My only complaint is that the film could have used another few minutes in the runtime as by the time the cinema lights came up my eyes hadn’t completely dried yet. What’s that? I’ll fight you!

2. Blade Runner 2049
Confession time. I didn’t watch the original Blade Runner until the week before 2049 hit. I tried on multiple occasions but just found myself board to death. This was years ago when I didn’t have quite the appreciation for films that I do now. The trailers for 2049 had me buzzing and forced me to give the original another try and wouldn’t you know it…I loved it. Then about a week later I sat in the cinema and watched Blade Runner 2049 and wouldn’t you know it…I loved it. Great story, great characters, AMAZING visuals and cinematography and the length, which was an issue for some people (Ridley Scott included) didn’t bother me one bit, I didn’t want the damn thing to end. Seriously a thing of beauty and the mainstream cinema going public should be ashamed of themselves for not seeing it more. People are dumb.

1. Thor: Ragnarok

This film tickled me all over my body, like if it wasn’t consensual I’d have called the cops on it kind of tickled. I mean come on, how fun was this flick? Very. The crown jewel of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor Ragnarok tells a fairly self contained story (which is something Marvel have been trying to get back to, thankfully) with characters old and new alike. I remember when I first came out of the cinema after watching it thinking that the humour in the film was a bit much considering how dry of a character Thor is supposed to be but damnit, who cares when it’s done so well! Taika Waititi was an inspired choice to take the reigns and not only does he do a great job injecting his brand of style and humour into the film but he’s also the breakout character. Korg is basically the best. Plain and simple, Thor: Ragnarok was a blast and it’s hard to see another Marvel film ever topping it on the laughs scale.


Ten Films That Live On In The Memory of Adam Grundy from 2017.

10. La La Land
This list was in no order, but I fucking loved La La Land and will continue to love it forever. Judge all you want. Loved it. Thinking about the soundtrack now. Got it for Christmas. Got teary in the cinema. Loved it. Missed out loads of films in this list, not bothered, ‘cause La La Land is #1. Cheated out of that Oscar. Fuck y’all.

9. Siam Square
Thai horror film, watched in Thailand with quite boisterous crowd. Kids at a cram school dealing with a ghost. Some freaky, funny shit from a young cast. Probably won’t remember it in a year’s time but I had a lot of fun watching it. Most of my cinema outings this year have been ruined by talkers or fucking dweebs but as I don’t understand Thai, the patrons having a natter were easy to block out.

8. Mother!
Feel like I’m alone after the backlash has died down, but I really really enjoyed it. Everyone and everything in it is fucking bonkers and as abstract as they come but I got well in to it. Give it another go. Or don’t. I usually don’t. I loved it and I probably wouldn’t watch it again. Enjoy your time on Earth. Buy a Playstation.

7. Cult of Chucky
Much along the lines of the Apes series, I can’t get enough of Chucky.

This film feels ehhh, a little bit of a stop gap? but does enough to get me pumped for the next one, and certainly takes the series in quite a drastically different direction.

I don’t think Cult of Chucky is getting as much credit as it should! But then who am I.

6. Baby Driver
Good stuff.

5. Shin Godzilla
I was gonna put Kong: Skull Island here, but I switched to Shin Godzilla. Both good in their own way, but I despised every human character in Kong. Both use their monsters to explain a human condition but Shin Godzilla is so so so so so fun. Just be prepared to read a lot. So much reading, me eyes stung (also a family history of Glaucoma).

Genuinely didn’t get that Godzilla was transforming for ages, thought the slug penis version of him/her (I didn’t see a penis!) was who Godzilla was going to fight (family history of being thick).

4. War for the Planet of the Apes
Not arsed how many of these they make. Not arsed how long the titles get. Keep feeding me good Ape films and I’ll be there opening day. Characters that had credible motives. even if Woody’s declining condition seemed rushed at the end. Can’t wait to see more. Luv u monkeys.

3. Killing of a Sacred Deer
I really dug it. I was not pleased with myself for putting off watching The Lobster when it was originally out in cinemas, so was chuffed to see this at London Film Festival.

Is it pretty much the exact same as the Lobster? Yes.

2. Get Out
Scary, funny, kept me on the edge, ney the very tip of my seat till it sort of falls away at the end. It was nice to not know anything about it before going in, which has made it equally hard to recommend to others because ya don’t wanna spoil it do ya? Should this review be more formal? Perhaps!

Loved it, just don’t wanna repeat what others have. Out of all these films, think this is one that will stand the test of time.

1. Logan

At this point I have been conditioned to expect nothing from an X-Men film. All hope for something meaty has been beaten out of me, but Logan was an anomaly and the best send off for a character yet…till they reboot him in a year or two.

The negatives of another botched Xavier send-off and no stupid yellow suit even after Jackman’s 56th outing as James ‘Logan’ ‘Wolverine’ ‘Howlet’ Logansun don’t out-weigh how cool it was from the first scene till the last one in Neverland.


I haven’t seen a lot of new films this year so this list was kind of cobbled together. ‘It’ was enjoyable but most other years I think it may have struggled to get in.

10. It
Another example of nostalgia porn which glorifies the 80’s and treats the time with rose-tinted shades. Let’s hope this is the end of it. Despite that, an enjoable film but it could have swapped out the jump scares for something with a bit more between it’s teeth.

9. Dunkirk
I really enjoyed Dunkirk. Interesting if not a tiny bit dull which is something I’ve never thought I’d say about a Nolan film. Seeing a major pop star in a film like that was distracting and not good distracting like Bowie. Bad distracting like Sting.

8. Death of Stalin
I wanted to like this more than I did. Darkly hilarious but sadly missing something to elevate it to something special.

7. mother!
An exciting cinematic experience. A unique story if not a little heavy handed with the metaphore. Great performances and one really tense scene involving a sink. It’s not braced.

6. The Meyerowitz Stories
Happy and sad are two emotions which rarely go together so well. A really human story and Baumbechs best film to date.

5.Baby Driver
Baby Driver felt it was missing something and after a while I think I figured it out. I didn’t particularly care about Baby. Whilst everything worked perfectly, Baby felt bland, dull and empty. Even the scenes where he’s singing and dancing around his apartment I couldn’t see anything but a dull hollywood actor.

4. The Big Sick
Rom coms are a dying breed. This is one felt like a real story (it was) and it benefited from it. A relateable and charming film with great performances all around.

3. Okja
One of the best films of the year. It didn’t need to be subtle with it’s metaphore because it was attempting to hit you over the head with it. At times completely bat shit crazy. I never thought i’d cry over a CGI pig monster.

2. Get Out
One of the best films of the year. Funny, scary, important and clever and the most important thing: entertaining. If you’re feeding people a message make sure it tastes good.

1. Moonlight

What can I say what hasn’t already been said? Insert joke about La La Land.


10. It
Loved the book and the film was enjoyable.

9. The Death of Stalin
Funny idea well executed, laughed a lot.

8. War for the Planet of the Apes
Pray. For. Mojo.

7. Detroit
Very emotive film, it felt like some of the white actors might have actually been racist.

6. Logan Lucky
Way funnier than I expected. Soderbergh heist films are always enjoyable.

5. Baby Driver
Very original, pity about the sex pest.

4. The Disaster Artist
Laughed a lot, had a fun time.

3. Dunkirk
Another great cinema experience, it was loud in a good way.

2. Get Out
One of the best cinema experiences I’ve ever had, not many films have had that kind of impact on me.

1. Blade Runner 2049

Had a lot to live up to but managed to do so in great style.




So there you have it, as you can see we have all certainly watched films this year…at least 10 which is an accomplishment in and of itself. A lot of films found their way onto multiple lists so just for fun here is the weighted list for Filmageddon’s Top 5 Films of 2017.

5 (TIE-12 points each)


4 (13 points)


3 (17 points)


2 (19 points)


1 (27 points)


It wasn’t anyones top film but it claims the top spot as everyone (apart from Frank) rated it quite highly on their list for the year. So what will 2018 bring to the party? Only time will tell but you can be sure that when the opportunity arises that we will return with yet another list like all the rest of the internet. Happy New Year and enjoy some great films in 2018!

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