buy provigil nz 80s Poster SMALL We set the time circuits. We went back. Back to the 80’s…and what a night it was! The Filmageddon crew returned after two long months to yet another MASSIVE crowd of quizzers at the Prince Charles Cinema in London for a very special, very 80’s themed film quiz. Filmageddon’s LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME 80’S FILM QUIZ was built up to be a night to remember and it proved to be just that. Another capacity crowd of over 200 people made up 54 teams showing the team yet again that the effort to create these events is so very worth it. As the quizzers all took their seats a somewhat altered intro video began to play as our Quizmaster took the stage in all his 80’s glory before being reminded of a certain Soviet powerhouse. After that bit of fun it was time to start yet another cinematic decent into madness.

Part 1 soon began with a General 80’s Trivia Round which included the new FILL-IN-THE-SUBTITLE questions featuring all 80’s sequels. The second round would see the Obscured Round making its appearance earlier than normal focusing on 80’s Fantasy Films. The first half of the quiz would finish with the Soundtrack Round which featured all films released in the year 1985…needless to say Rocky IV was indeed one of the answers. With the end of Part 1 came the beginning of some fun and games that would be held on stage in the form of another spirited bout of KNOCKOUT.

As is becoming the trend recently many people from the crowd rushed toward the stage but many had to be turned away as we kept the game to 7 participants. The group who made it on stage would be tested on their knowledge of one of the 80’s biggest stars, Michael J. Fox. In the end there were many early exits but those that survived the purge made it down to the wire and when the smoke settled only a few missing titles remained. By the now it was time to review the scores from the first half and as always the table proved quite crowded toward the top with 4 teams tied in 3rd place on 22 points. Above the pack in 2nd was ‘The Pinheads’ on 26 and taking the early lead with an impressive 31 points in Part 1 was ‘Make Like a Tree and Get Outta Here!’. Still there was another whole half to the quiz to be taken so it was still very much anyone’s game.

Onto Part 2 and Round 4 which saw the RETURN of the Poster Tagline Round, a nice way to ease everyone back into things before moving onto Round 5 aka Like Totally Famous 80’s Film Quotes. Time seemed to be spinning out of control and as soon as we seemingly started we had already hit the final round of the month, a themed round on 80’s Comedies. The round saw a new edition of Murray Mania and the introduction of the new Diminishing Returns question before finishing up with an Observation question based on a clip from Back to the Future Part II. And so another quiz drew to a close. Teams exchanged papers, the correct answers given and the answer sheets turned in…then we waited…BUT waiting at Filmageddon is never a dull time. So as the Filmageddon Super Computer was busy calculating the final scores the Quizmaster was busy playing several rounds of KEYWORDS with the crowd. After several fierce matchups it was time to crown our champion.

The second round saw another batch of high scores as the teams desperately craved the mountain of goodies in the prize bags but in the end no one could withstand the 80’s knowledge of ‘Make Like a Tree and Get Outta Here!’ who followed up a 31 point first half with a 37 points from the Picture Round and the second half seeing them finish TOP with 67 points. Showing a strong fighting spirit was ‘Wolfman’s Nards’ who had the highest score in the second half with 27.5 points but could not overcome their first half score of 22. ‘The Pinheads’ dropped one spot from halftime but still finished with a respectable 56 points and of course some film related goodies. It was another amazing quiz and as always we couldn’t have done it without all you lovely lot that made it out. FULL SCORES
1 Make like a tree and get outta here! 67
2 Wolfman’s nards 58.5
3 The Pinheads 56
4 The Usu-al suspects 53
5 It’s a kinda ‘SHITMAGIC’ 50
6 The frog brothers never say die! 50
7 Ronald Reagan’s Rejects 48
8 Johnny Five is Alive 48
9 Scumbag college 48
10 Practically Everything Nineties Is Superior (Team PENIS) 46
11 Pie Hard 46
12 Sparkle Motion 44
13 Edward Dildo-hands 42.5
14 Team Weapon 42
15 Ecto 1 41
16 Revenge of the Wigglesworths 41
17 The Avengers: Some Assembly Required 39
18 1 . 21 QUIZ-a-WATTS?! 39
19 The bog of eternal Judi Stench 39
20 Permageddon 38
21 E.T (Exemplary Team) 37
22 Escape from New York by Easyjet from £79.99 36
23 Brunch Club 36
24 Is this not the Drew Barrymore premiere? 36
25 Never gonna quiz you up! 35
26 Cocktails 35
27 It should have been Duckie! 35
28 The first timers (be gentle) 35
29 What du want? 34
30 Ferris Bueller’s laid off 34
31 We’ve changed our name from the People next to us to POO LLOYD 33
32 One third of Elite Hunting 33
33 Our entire team was born in the 90s 31
34 Tom Selleck’s Moustache 30
35 The Keanu Two 29
36 Sloane’s dead grandmother 29
37 Brat pack bitches 27
38 The Titz (twith a Z) 27
39 90s kids 26
40 The Full English Breakfast Club 26
41 Filmbusters 26
42 SimpleR minds 23
43 Back to the 80s 22
44 The Long Duck Dongs 22
45 The Mice of Sight-onded 21
46 Quizlamic state 20
47 Les Quizerables 18
48 Less than zero \ If I’m not quizzing, I’m jizzing 18
49 One Hug Please? 16
50 Adam & Maria 16
51 The OKCupids 15
52 Fab 2 15
53 Gibbs & Co 9
54 They will be mine. Oh yes they will be mine! 2