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can i buy Lyrica at walmart Twas like 3 weeks before Christmas and all through the Prince Charles Cinema not a creature was stirring, except all those that showed up to Filmageddon’s How the Quiz Stole Christmas, in fact they were stirring quite a lot ready for a Christmas themed film quiz. The last Filmageddon of 2014 would be a tinsel filled test of holiday film knowledge. So how did it all go down? A bit like this… 34 teams of cinema lovers showed up to put see what they were made of, another great turnout for our little film quiz that could. We hit the crowd up with the normal assortment of Filmageddon rounds such as General Trivia, Soundtrack and Random Rounds but they all carried with it a Christmas vibe.

go to link Every question in the quiz had an answer that was in one way or another related to a Christmas film or a film that took place around the holiday with all of the classics you remember. By the end of the 1st part of the quiz it was again (as always) shaping up to be a nail-biter. Returning teams such as ‘Perhaps Every Noel Is Shit (PENIS), ‘The Avengers: Some Wrapping Required’, ‘Elite Hunting’ and ‘The Tommy Quizeaus’ were all fighting to take the Christmas crown and all sat near the top of the table. Elite Hunting with the best score of Part 1 taking 28 out of a possible 35 points. During our little halftime break we were able to celebrate a few birthdays in the audience and enjoy a few more Christmas tunes. Onto part 2 and more Christmas themed trivia including Obscured Videos, Poster Taglines and a SECOND DOSE of Christmas Film Trivia.

The second half of our quiz returned similar results, many of the teams scored pretty close to their first half score as their second half score but both team PENIS and AVENGERS improved while ELITE HUNTING took a step down making it anyone’s quiz as we then moved to marking the Picture Round. This month it was simple, name the film that the pictured Santa was from BUT only ONE TEAM managed a perfect 10 out of 10 and that was ELITE HUNTING who thanks to that impressive score were crowned CHAMPIONS OF FILMAGEDDON amassing an impressive 63 points out of a possible 80. Second place went to THE AVENGERS: SOME WRAPPING REQUIRED missing out by 1 point on 62 points with TEAM PENIS taking 3rd with 58. Another close call, another month in which we NEARLY needed a Filmageddon Tie-Breaker…someday people, someday.

And thus we ended the FILMAGEDDON YEAR, it’s been a grand 2014 and we are looking to improve ourselves going into 2015 but WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! So please let us know how we can make Filmageddon better? New Rounds? New Look? New Hosts?(NEVER) So please hit us up here with any suggestions moving forward. We will be having a little Filmageddon meeting in the coming weeks and looking at new times of the month for the quiz and more but we’d definitely like your feedback, so please feed away! In the meantime from all of us at Filmageddon to all of you HAPPY HOLIDAYS and we will see you in 2015! THE QUIZ…WILL RISE!

Elite Hunting-63
The Avengers: Some Wrapping Required-62
Team PENIS-58
The Tommy Quizeaus-51
Jingle My Bell-50
Noel Tragique-49
Welcome to the Party Santa-48
Macully Kulkin-45
All Day Breakfast Club Sandwich-45
What the Dickens-43
Cameron Smells a Poo-43
Son of a Nutcracker-42
Phillip Snow-more Hoffman (Sledgend)-39.5
Quizeltor & Wine-39
Dancer, Prancer & Bollocks-36.5
Quizmas Hamilton-36
Merry Quizmas to All-36
2 Fast, 2 Furious-36
Quizzly Bear-35
Santa-I KNOW HIM!-33
The Clark Quizwolds-32
Christmas Puddings-30
Jingle Bollocks-29
Santa’s Sack-28
Werewolf Bar Mitzvah-27
The Lynch who Stole Christmas-27
Ian and Dave-27
Bad Supermen Flick Peanuts-26
Tiny Tim-16
The Filthy Animals-11