Filmageddon’s ‘Fortnight with FORTNITE’ Part 1

buy accutane online legit Join the Filmageddon video gaming offshoot Straight-2-Video-Game’s journey into the immensity popular Battle Royale game that ISN’T PUBG…that’s right, it’s FORTNITE time.

Frank take a leap of faith out of the party bus with Adam and Blair who try to guide him through the ropes of the game and enjoy a casual dance or two along the way.

reminyl er 8 mg bula It’s probably safe to say, things don’t go that well.

We’ll be back with Part 2 next week. If you enjoyed this, please subscribe. Seriously, one of us has left a package in an undisclosed area of London and we implore you to Subscribe or face the consequences. I can’t tell you what they’ll be or where this will go down, but know that it’ll be your fault if you’re reading this and not Subscribed. You’ve had fair warning.

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