Filmageddon Podcast – Episode 76 – Update At 35,000ft

Is this still a thing? The answer may surprise you!

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order zyprexa Your eyes don’t deceive you, Filmageddon have birthed a brand new episode of their award winning (TBC) podcast!
Frank Soldato, Quizmaster, television host, dog owner, and film watcher is back to deliver you an update all about the state of Filmageddon in 2018.
When’s the next quiz? Where’ve they been? What they doing? When’s the next quiz? Who or what is a #ChickenBoy🐔!? 

In the second part of the podcast, Frank is joined by past buy prednisone 5mg online #Shot4Shot guest Rob Heath as they discuss watching films on a long haul flight. The twist? (There’s always a twist) They’re on an actual plane! Can you fucking imagine!?!!! Frank and Rob discuss what kind of films you pick for the journey, what they’re planning to watch, and if it’s a good or bad experience, watching Oscar nominated films while sailing above the clouds.

If you’re in to this, join us weekly on our Twitch for some good video game shit from us. Or check out the video below of us on our Fortnite adventures. It’s like films, but more engaging.

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