Filmageddon Podcast – Episode 70 – Rich Bastard Edition

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This week saw the release of the Forbes list ‘World’s Highest Paid Actors and Actresses 2017’ so what better way to find out who features than for the Quizmaster Frank Soldato himself to get quizzed by Adam Grundy and Blair Treacy.

It’s an old-school episode of the Filmageddon podcast to celebrate getting to 70 episodes. Five more and we could be [topical joke about old person/Donald Trump].

As always, big massive taaa laaaa to The Prince Charles Cinema and Dark Bunny Tees. We return for a live spOoOoOoOoky halloween and horror-themed quiz sometime in October.

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Hey, while you’re here, have a look at our last review of follow link The Dark Tower:

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