Filmageddon Podcast – Episode 69 – Atomic Giant Lizard

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zyprexa 2 5mg nebenwirkungen On this episode of the Filmageddon Podcast, Frank Soldato and Adam Grundy gush in great detail about the screening of Shin Godzilla they attended at the Prince Charles Cinema, as well as a spoiler-free review of Atomic Blonde. They ponder what a ‘John Wick-esque’ universe would be, and how good Sonic Mania looks.

Sounds good? It does to me (the sentient voice behind this).

As always, massive thanks to Dark Bunny Tees for providing awesome prizes to giveaway at the live quiz. We did give a cheeky mention to when our next quiz might be, but tickets aren’t on sale just yet so we WON’T LINK Y’ALL TO IT YEAH?

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