Filmageddon Podcast – Episode 64 – Pre-Quiz Pub

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Quizmaster Frank Soldato and local cinema botherer Adam Grundy met up before Filmageddon’s ‘Edgar Wright or Wrong’ quiz to escape the rain and have a few drinks.

They also talk about seeing someone famous in Fopp, Baywatch, Tickled, as well as news about Han Solo‘s directors being replaced by that fella from Happy Days. They also touch on Friday 13th The Game which is where to buy Lyrica 150mg THE BEST.

Truly a throwback to a Terrible Interview!

A huge thanks to the providers of prizes Dark Bunny Tees  & The Prince Charles Cinema. We were so proud to be able to give away some Edgar-inspired shirts and Baby Driver merch, as well as a haul of DVDs and blu Rays. Dead chuffed with it all.

And, as promised, the photo of our meeting with Duncan Jones…

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