FILMAGEDDON 8: FIRST BLOOD PART 2 – NOVEMBER 2014 1397338_373580709465875_5945724157495349941_o

buy robaxin online Another month, another FILMAGEDDON FILM QUIZ at The Prince Charles Cinema in the books. Following on from our very special Halloween quiz last month we returned to covering all genres of film in our never ending quest to survive the cold and rainy London nights. We were joined in our quizzing adventures by some of our most dedicated and returning teams all out for blood in a quest to taste the sweet taste that is ULTIMATE VICTORY! Though they would need to take on all the ACTION we could throw at them as the quiz featured a great deal of 80’s Action Movie Trivia led by none other than the Italian Stallion himself Sylvester Stallone. Part 1 of the quiz as always began with a general trivia round that eased everyone into a false sense of security before moving onto the SOUNDTRACK ROUND which covered 80’s Action Films. The likes of ‘Lethal Weapon’, ‘Bloodsport’, ‘Robocop’ and more were all represented. We then moved onto the return of a past Random Round, more specifically FAMOUS FILM QUOTES RETURN! As PART 1 came to an end we played a new game on stage and added up the scores. At the halfway point of many of our returning teams were in the mix of things with ‘Elite Hunting’, ‘Hot Tub Quiz Machine’, ‘Avengers: Some Assembly Required’, ‘Clothes, Boots, Motorcycle & a Hand Grenade’ and ‘Agents of P.E.N.I.S.’ all within striking distance of the top spot. Surely we would need several more rounds to find out who would claim victory.

So onto Part 2 and we hit the crowd with the 1, 2 punch of the POSTER TAGLINE ROUND and THE OBSCURED FILM CLIPS ROUND which this month covered films from the year 2002. It all built to an exciting conclusion with our themed trivia round on the film styling’s of Mr. Stallone which wouldn’t be complete without mention of the BEST FILM OF ALL TIME…Obviously we refer to ROCKY 4! With a final observation video that drew the quiz to a close. It was then time to give out the GOLDEN STATHAM AWARD OF EXCELLENCE for a spectacular dramatic reading of a scene from the original Rocky. Once the award winner gave his acceptance speech we were ready to reveal the final scores.

So who would it be? Coming in a tie for 3rd place was ‘Agents of P.E.N.I.S.’ and ‘Hot Tub Quiz Machine’ on 46 points. In 2nd place was ‘Clothes, Boots, Motorcycle and a Hand Grenade’ on 55 points. That left one team on the summit of the mountain…having begun their assembly some time ago the stars finally aligned to see ‘The Avengers: Some Assembly Required’ with 60 points. So with that we disappear into the darkness for another month until this December which will see…and stop me if you’ve heard this one before, THE BEST FILMAGEDDON YET!

1:The Avengers: some assembly required -60
2:Clothes. Boots, Motorcycle & a hand grenade -55
3:Agents of P.E.N.I.S. -46
4:Hot tub quiz machine -46
5:Maximus Thundercock and Optimus Rhyme – 45
6:Elite Hunting -44
7:Adam Sandler is my dad, sorry -42
8:Three men and a Little Lassie -41
9:I like cow -39
10:Partial Recall -39
11:Noodles and Haddocks -37
12:Macully Kulkin -35
13:This is all Anna -35
14:Ladies and the Tramp -34
15:Quizpin Glover -34
16:Screwed -32
17:Bert Macklin F.B.I. -31
18:O Peter where art thou? -29
19:The Steven Spiel-bergo’s -23
20:Blast of silence-11