buy modafinil brazil 10633730_354596241364322_3317006754663507255_o It was that time again…though something was different. Something sinister was in the air. Halloween had come early as Filmageddon returned with an extra special horror-themed film quiz. With a specialty subject the quiz was bound to be a little more tricky and it proved just that for some of the 32 teams in attendance on a spooky night in the downstairs screen of the Prince Charles Cinema. With returning teams and new teams alike the quiz kicked off with our little tribute to the classic ‘An American Werewolf in London’ which wouldn’t be the last time the film popped up in the quiz.

see Our quizmaster looking a little worse for wear after a moonlit stroll to the quiz kicked things off as always with GENERAL TRIVIA with a horror twist. After a the talky bit ended we moved onto Round 2 aka the SOUNDTRACK ROUND which featured some rather famous horror movie themes and a couple of more niche ones to make sure things weren’t too easy for everyone. Next we moved to the always popular RANDOM ROUND which this month featured a montage of funny film deaths that tasked the teams to identify the film that they were from. Just like that we had reached the end of PART 1.

With the first half scores being tallied we invited all of those who got into the spirit of things and got into fancy dress to join us on stage for a Halloween Costume Contest. It may have only been a few but it was still great to see some of our great audience make the effort and come in costume. Those who did manage to throw together something did us proud but in the end only one could walk away with the good. In the end the crowd had their say and voted BANE the winner. By the time he saw all his prizes it was nothing BUT BLINDING! At the end of PART 1 the scores were tight with two teams TIED in 1st place on 29 points, ‘Noel Tragique’ and ‘Snacks’ setting the early pace. Not to be outdone was team ‘Hardcore Horror Fans’ who sat at an impressive 0 points. Yeah. So into PART 2 we went, the lights on the stage slowly baking fake blood and guts off the Quizmaster and sending a heavenly sent into the air…or maybe that was all the sweets handed out to our ‘Trick or Treaters’ either way.

The next round was a special edition of the POSTER TAGLINE round featuring HORROR SEQUEL SUBTITLES. We would then bring the pain with the always difficult OBSCURED FILM CLIP round which of course, like everything in the evening had a horror movie twist. With the peak of the FILMAGEDDON summit in sight we moved onto our final round of the night, the THEMED TRIVIA round which saw us come full circle with the theme of ‘AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON’ with featured a blink and you’ll miss it observation question that would help weed out the adults from the children. Collecting the answer sheets it was time to see just who would walk away from FILMAGEDDON alive and well and who would join the undead army. As all the data was being input into the FILMAGEDDON Super Computer we got into the Halloween Spirit with some games.

Drawing random members of the audience we had teams compete in Mummy Races which tasked people with wrapping up friends in toilet roll and the classic Dunking for Apples. Of course those who took part in the fun got rewarded with some great prizes into WAZ…come on you guys…WAZ! With the final standings finally entered into the history books it was time to crown our champions. Team ‘Snacks’ could not keep their first half momentum going and would drop to 6th place while ‘The Noel Tragique’ faired a bit better finishing in 3rd place with 55 points. ‘The Rickard Brothels’ stepped up their game in the second half and picture rounds and finished a point better, in 2nd Place on 56 BUT it was team ‘Spooky Doings’ who with the highest 2nd half score was able to top the rest and finish in 1st place with 57 points. Another month at FILMAGEDDON and another photo finish. After handing out the prizes and thanking the audience FILMAGEDDON was over for another month, entering it’s slumber until it can feed again.

1-Spooky Doings – 57 points
2-The Rickard Brothels – 56 points
3-Noel Tragique – 55 points
4-Windy Vampires – 50 points
5-Night of the Quizzing Dead – 50 points
6-Snacks – 48 points
7-Team Wolf – 45 points
8-Boots, Clothes, Motorcycle and Chianti – 45 points
9-Tubular Balls – 44 points
10-Strangelove of Elite Hunting – 43 points
11-The Tommy Quizzeaus – 39 points
12-The Avengers: Some Assembly Required – 39 points
13-The Zombie Mermaids – 36 points
14-My-Dyla-Rama – 32 points
15-Two WONGS Don’t Make a REICH – 31 points
16-Scary Bum Fluff – 31 points
17-Mc Cully Kalkin – 31 points
18-Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary – 31 points
19-Fear and Raping in Leicester Square – 30 points
20-Cine-Massacre – 30 points
21-I Don’t Care What You Did Last Summer – 28 points
22-Archibald and Harold – 28 points
23-Where Have All the Porn Cinemas Gone? – 27 points
24-Two’s Satanic Company – 26 points
25-Nearline GR8! – 26 points
26-Slouching Tiger, Hidden Flagon – 24 points
27-Aquire Wrath of Khan – 24 points
28-Creepy Orin – 23 points
29-Freaky Babies – 15 points
30-Billy Loomis Fan Club – 12 points
31-Trying to Educate Essex (and Failing) – 10 points
32-Hardcore Horror Fans – 1 point