buy prednisone india FILMAGEDDON POSTER 6

enter So let’s be honest. Filmageddon 6: Ghost Protocol didn’t live up to expectations…IT BLEW THEM AWAY! Returning as we always do to the downstairs screen at the Prince Charles Cinema we kicked things off with a bang as a special introduction video gave the audience an inside peek at just how our Quizmaster goes about prepping the quiz. We also met a new Filmageddon crew member in the mysterious Agent P…but really the night was all about the quizzing. Again the crowd for Filmageddon proved large and a total of 39 teams showed up to compete for the biggest Filmageddon Prize lot yet! Returning teams and new sat ready to test their knowledge on all things cinema but only one could eventually top the pile! The first half of the quiz saw the normal mix of rounds including our General Trivia round, a Soundtrack Round covering films that were based on TV Shows and the always changing Random Round which this month was all about identifying Teaser Trailers. As always, by the end of Part 1 the scores were quite close at the top with three teams separated by only one point. ‘Kelly’s Heroes’ and ‘Apes, Together, Strong’ sat on 27 while ‘Dune wasn’t that bad’ were in 1st with 28. Several other teams including the returning ‘Avengers: Some Assembly Required and ‘Milk was a Bad Choice’ were within striking distance at 24. Before moving onto Part 2 we played a new game with the audience called WHO’S FILM IS IT ANYWAY which tasked those who dared to join us on stage with drawing the name of a actor out of a bowl. They would then need to do their best impression of that actor opposite another audience member in a situation given to us by the rest of the crowd. We had some really great performances including finding out what would happen if Sean Connery and Danny DeVito chatted about Kittens on a Roller Coast. Fun stuff and it’s always great when the crowd gets into it but as always there was the little matter of the quiz to win!

We return with our always popular IMDbonus round and it seemed that we actually stumped the audience for once at it took until the 3rd billed name to finally get a correct answer with SOME LIKE IT HOT, a happy quizzer walked away with a lovely poster of the film from our friends at Park Circus. Into Part 2 with a very special Poster Tagline round, a round that we normally have no theme for was this month dedicated to the memory of Robin Williams, a somber moment to help us remember a legend. After the tagline round it was all about the Obscured Film Clip round which proved to again get the better of most of the quizzers. We wrapped up the quiz with the Theme Round of the month featuring questions all about TOM CRUISE!

As we calculated the final scores of the evening with invited more audience members on stage to play our always entertaining script reading game. This month we gave two of you the chance to portray Tom Cruise in dramatic scenes from JERRY MAGUIRE and A FEW GOOD MEN. We had two stand out performances but in the end only one of our ‘actors’ could take away the first ever GOLDEN STATHAM AWARD OF EXCELLENCE. A true honor! It was then the moment of truth. The scores had been calculated but who would reign supreme?

Last month’s champs ‘Boots, Clothes, Motorcycle & some Skittles’ made a late rush with the best Part 2 score at 28 but a 1st half score of 20 would let them down meaning there would be no repeat at Filmageddon. Instead The top three remained the same from the first half break as ‘Kelly’s Heroes’ came in at 3rd place with a total of 58 points, ‘Apes, Strong, Together’ had a impressive part 2 as well but was let down with the picture round and finished with a total of 60 points which was good enough only for 2nd this day as ‘Dune wasn’t that bad’ hung on to claim ultimate victory by a single point on 61! Another nail-biting finish at Filmageddon! Special mention to the team ‘Lil’ Sebastian’ who we all thought earned BEST TEAM NAME honors for the evening…who doesn’t love Parks and Rec?? Am I right?? So we at Filmageddon must again give a massive thanks to all of you guys for showing up and making FIlmageddon such a big success month in, month out and we hope you are ready for our very special HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, HORROR THEMED QUIZ next month. It is going to be a good one complete with fancy dress, Halloween party games, the works. Oh and the quiz is obviously horror themed as well so there’s that! So until October 7th when next we meet, this is your Quizmaster signing off!

1 Dune wasn’t that bad – 61
2 Apes together strong – 60
3 Kelly’s heroes – 58
4 Apocalyse Meow – 57
5 Boots, clothes, motorcycle & some skittles – 55
6 Milk was a bad choice – 53.5
7 Matts Shitter – 52
8 The avengers: some assembly required – 52
9 Quizically challenged – 48
10 Christmas Ape – 47
11 The smell of fear – 47
12 A sphincter says what? -46
13 Elite Hunting -44
14 J-Bad and the dweebs – 44
15 Quiz in my pants/ in and around my mouth – 44
16 Carpe dentum: seize the teeth! – 41
17 Luda- cruise – 41
18 Tom cruisin’ for a bruisin’ – 41
19 Trivia Newton John – 41
20 Khaaaaannnnnnnn!! – 40
21 A french british production – 39.5
22 The most racially diverse team here – 39
23 Penguins escape nightmare in space (P.E.N.I.S) – 38.5
24 The Minions – 38
25 Lil’ sebastian – 37.5
26 Almost film-ous – 37
27 Columbo knows you did it – 36.5
28 Short round – 36
29 Hell on earth – 34
30 The Tommy Quizeau’s – 32
31 Not our genre – 30
32 Bew the two of us – 29
33 Poo – metheus – 28.5
34 LOL – 27
35 You go glen coco! – 27
36 Bingly bing bong film bo-ees – 26
37 Dumb & Dumber [the better one!] – 25
38 The real Dumb & Dumber [ the worse team!] – 12
39 Jungle Bells – 9