best site to buy provigil online FILMAGEDDON POSTER 5 WELCOME…TO FILMAGEDDON. Now cue the John Williams! After perhaps our best Filmageddon yet last month is was always going to be hard to top things but would you believe it if I told you that I think we may have last night?? Hey, no need to call me a liar! It’s true! What we have been building up, playing with the format and making it more of an event than just a quiz all started to come together nicely last night from the word go. A surprise appearance from John Hammond helped to get us kicked off and from it just got better from there.

enter site The room had a certain buzz about it last night that we haven’t experienced since the first ever Filmageddon and with over 40 teams that should come as no surprise. The first half of the quiz started as we always do with some GENERAL TRIVIA which reminds us, can you name a role that both Brandan Fraser and Daniel Day-Lewis shared?? Right back to the story…after some more general trivia and an easy jab at Walt Disney we were onto the SOUNDTRACK ROUND which this month covered the works of the Coen Brothers. Before our ears could recover we moved onto the RANDOM ROUND which this month featured James Bond Intros tasking the audience to name the Bond film based off a 20 second clip from its intro sequence.

Soon the answer sheets were exchanged and scores tallied for PART 1 and it looked like we would have another close one on our hands in Filmageddon Land as 3 teams found themselves separated by only 2 points! ‘The Maltese Vulcan’ and ‘Kelly’s Heroes’ sat tied for second on 29 points with newcomers ‘Clothes, Boots & Motorcycle’ sitting pretty on 31 points in first place. During the break between part 1 and 2 of the quiz we got up to our normal fun and games including a few rounds of charades and the always thrilling IMDBouns round which we are happy to report actually lasted more than a single name this time out. We must have been making it too easy for everyone the last few months, rest assured this won’t be a problem going forward!

So onto PART 2 and a POSTER TAGLINE round which featured two films with talking pigs so obviously things were getting pretty intense. We then moved onto the OBSCURRED VIDEO CLIP round which featured films that were released in the year 2000, in case you were wondering there were several. Before you could say ‘STICK STUPID!’ we were smack dab in the middle of our THEME ROUND of the month cover the classic JURASSIC PARK. We tried not to make it too easy for the fans, the first question and answer nearly tore the room apart like a hungry Raptor as there seems to be some disagreement as to just how many people die on-screen during the film. Sadly the Quizmaster could not be swayed and there would be no partial points or changes of heart (the answer is and always will be 4!).

With the quizzes marked and the scores being input into the Filmageddon database we hit the stage to play a few more games with the audience. Like last month we called upon the audience to help with some dramatic script reading. Given our theme it was a no brainer that we choose some choice scenes from Jurassic Park. Those who participated showed the acting chops of a young Jeff Goldblum. If we had Oscars to hand out we surely would have but in this instance some free tickets to the Prince Charles Cinema would have to suffice.

SOOOOOO….onto how it all finished. The three teams that went into the break in the lead as 1, 2 and 3 finished the quiz in much the same way. The deadlock for 2nd place was broken up with ‘The Maltese Vulcan’ coming in 3rd place with 54 points. ‘Kelly’s Heroes’ pulled through with a stronger second half to finish in 2nd place with 55 points and seemingly never looking back since the first half was “Clothes, Boots and Motorcycle’ who finished in 1st place with 59 points. Special mention goes out to team ‘Yeah, We’re Fucked’ who proved the only ones capable of getting a perfect score on the picture round which this month featured famous film firearms

59- Clothes, boots & motorcycle
55- Kelly’s heroes
54- The maltese vulcan
52- See no evil, hear no evil
52- Yeah, we’re fucked
50- Audio destruction
48- The avengers- some assembly required
47- What about Brian?
46- Matt Damon!
45- OMG! I just quizzed in your face!
41- Stifler’s list
41- You bred raptors?!
40- Come the fuck on Bridget
40- The elbow lickers
38- my 20 year quiz hell
38- Pandas Eat Nachos In Silence (P.E.N.I.S)
37- Goldfingered
37- Yeaaaaaaah Roooooy (in the style of Flavor Flav)
35- Raging waters
34- Ape-braham Lincoln
34- By the power of Dan Tarbuck’s beard!
34- Evolution is overrated
34- Quiz-team aguilera
33- Elite hunting
30- The Rickard brothels
28- Sugar tits
28- Team east skillz
27- Columbo knows you did it
26- Bat shit begins
25- Journey through Europe
23- Quizzard of Oz
21- All about the pentiums
21- Nicolas Cage
21- The miserable shits
20- The boondoggle saints
18- Feets & Gadget
18- Film collins
17- Les quizerables
15- il peggiore team del mondo
12- Quizzee rascals
6- And in last place