FILMAGEDDON 4: JUDGEMENT DAY – JULY 2014 QUIZ POSTER 4 It was a long two months in the wasteland but as the prophecy foretold FILMAGEDDON returned and did so with a bang! 32 teams came from the darkness leaving the World Cup and London’s other temptations behind in order to battle for the FILMAGEDDON crown. So how did it all play out you ask? The first half of the quiz celebrated Canada Day by featuring general trivia (featuring a few Canucks) followed by a soundtracks round covering the films of Canadian Actor Dan Aykroyd before wrapping it up with a Canadian Actor Face Mash-Up round. The competition proved fierce in the first half as FOUR teams found themselves tied for the lead. ‘One Ugly Mother Fucker’, ‘Guardian Readers of the Galaxy’, ‘Audio Destruction’ and ‘Elite Hunting’ all with 29 points going into the first break. The 15 minutes or so in between rounds saw the introduction of some new FILMAGEDDON games which required a bit of audience participation. Two of the crew teamed up with some great sports from the crowd to entertain the masses with a few rounds of charades. After a very entertaining 10 minutes we were back at it. The second half of the quiz consisted of the always popular Poster Taglines round, a Medieval themed obscured film clips round and we closed things out with a featured trivia round covering the Governator himself ARNULDDDDD Schwarzenegger. With the quiz at a close and the scores being tallied some more fun and games would be required to pass the time, this time in the form of some dramatic Schwarzenegger script reading and with the help of some fantastic audience members the crowd went wild…but there was still the matter of finding out our winners. The deadlock of the first half had FINALLY been broken and in the closest FILMAGEDDON yet emerged new champions in the form of ‘One Ugly Mother Fucker’ scoring 65 points out of a possible 80. In second, a single point behind on 64 came ‘Guardian Readers of the Galaxy’…the top two teams had identical scores in both parts of the quiz but Guardian’s missed one more than Ugly Mother Fucker’s on the picture round of the month…So close to our first FILMAGEDDON Sudden Death Face-Off! Rounding out the top was ‘Kelly’s Heroes’ on 63 and ‘Milk was a Bad Choice’ with 62. So the top four teams only separated by a point each, it was such an amazingly close finish. Good to see the competition getting bigger and better as FILMAGEDDON itself does so. Complete Results:
1. one ugly mother fucker – 65
2. guardian readers of the galaxy – 64
3. kellys heroes – 63
4. milk was a bad choice – 62
5. the avengers: some assembly required – 60
6. audio destruction – 58
7. elite hunting – 53
8. the brixtonites – 52
9. fatty arbuckles dirty ice dildo – 51
10. dan akroyd hatred society – 49
11. a curse upon your penis jonathan – 48
12. terrys death stare – 46
13. who quiz your daddy, and what does he do? – 46
14. pink elderberry is never salty (P.E.N.I.S.) – 43
15. lisas competative computer buisness – 43
16. the rolf harris youth team – 42
17. cheeky flys farts – 41
18. editpool – 41
19. kevin canadian bacon – 37
20. the redlanders – 36
21. schwartzewarner – 36
22. the risky buisness – 35
23. dan akroyd appreciation society – 35
24. big badda boom – 33
25. where’s leo oscar – 33
26. paras joukkue – 33
27. the official team of prince charles cinema – 32
28. hiccup – 30
29. phoenix – 26
30. The el dude brothers – 25
31. Cucarracha – 22
32. v suck – 17