Filmageddon 301 Preview…

We are but ONE month away from the return of the BIGGEST Film Quiz in London so we thought we’d mark the occasion by dropping some info about what you can expect to get quizzed on in February.

Unlike all our quizzes last year, our first quiz of 2016 won’t be completely themed though rest assured there is a lot of connective tissue that holds this bad boy together.

To kick of 2016 we will be looking BACK to 2015. Wait, what?

The first half of the quiz will feature 2015 film trivia. Let’s break it down.

buy brand provigil online ROUND 1– General Trivia (Films released in 2015)
source url ROUND 2– Soundtracks (Films released in 2015)
source url ROUND 3– NEW VIDEO ROUND (2015 Oscar nominees aka films from last years Oscars)

Make sense so far? Basically a whole lot of 2015 goodness (as it was a great year for films).

See how it says NEW VIDEO ROUND up top? Well it’s a twist on a long-time Filmageddon Round. Nothing that should be to daunting for the Film Buffs.

We then move into PART 2 and continue on with the Oscar theme…

ROUND 4– Poster Taglines (2016 Oscar nominees) “HOW CURRENT!”
ROUND 5– Throwback Thursday Video Round (as our quiz is on a Thursday, more info to come)
ROUND 6– We’ll keep that a mystery for now, no need to give you all the details just yet, you’ve still got a month til the actual quiz.

So there you have it, a little bit of info to tide you over as we continue prepping for a big 2016. Keep an eye out on our Twitter feed and keep coming back here (as we try to make it a page worth visiting!) for all the Filmageddon-y things to brighten your day.