go here QuizStoodStillSMALL Another Thursday, Another FILMAGEDDON FILM QUIZ held at the Prince Charles Cinema in the heart of London. So what would the Quizmaster have in store following the Animated Film themed quiz held the previous month? For that answer you would only need to look to the stars as Filmageddon returned with THE DAY THE QUIZ STOOD STILL, a very special (as always!) film quiz which was themed entirely on science fiction films. Genre fans would soon begin salivating over the idea of winning what would surely be a hotly contested quiz. And so it was…another night featuring 60 teams taking on what the Quizmaster had in store for them.

Old favorites and New challengers alike would step onto the field of battle to prove who knew the difference between MISSION TO MARS and RED PLANET…actually we would never have a quiz THAT HARD. This edition of the quiz began as it must with a general trivia round covering the world of Science Fiction with featured a return of the fan favorite WHO’s WHO questions. Following round one another familiar face would rear its head in the form of the FAMOUS FILM QUOTES: SCI-FI REDUX round. Featuring appearances from the likes of Star Trek, Blade Runner and more it proved an entertaining if not slightly easier round. Things would get tougher in the next round which covered SCIENCE FICTION SOUNDTRACKS for films featuring ALIEN INVASIONS. Some of the Quizmaster’s favorites popped up including the cult classic horror film KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE. With the end of the soundtrack round came the half-time break. While the Filmageddon A.I. was hard at work crunching the scoring data we on stage busied ourselves with a round of KNOCKOUT this month featuring legendary director STEVEN SPIELBERG. It proved another heated contest with the volunteers nearly naming all of the films that he had ever directed.

A quick glance to the half-time standings would show a tie at the top with ‘Oi, Summer-isle! Shut up and drink your gin!’ and ‘Barry’ both on 32 points and ‘Being wrong never bothered us anyway’ sitting in 2nd with 31 points. Several other teams were still in it with scored in the upper 20’s. Back to the quiz and the 4th round which featured a new video round titled NAME. THAT. REMAKE! Which tasked the quizzers with having to name a film based on a clip from the original film that inspired the remake. This was followed by another video round featuring OBSCURED clips, this month those clips represented films that had been based on books. The finish up this edition of the quiz round 6 would feature trivia based on the Alien film franchise. A mix of written and visual questions asked about the characters, actors and more that make up the Alien universe. Then. Silence. The quiz finished.

The scores collected. Data input into Filmageddon computer. CTRL. ALT. DELETE. *HOLDS DOWN POWER BUTTON As always we’d love to thank all the people involved in helped us bring you a great quiz including The Prince Charles Cinema, Vertigo Films, Little White Lies Magazine, Bethesda Softworks and as always, YOU, THE FANS! Thanks as always for making our little event so fun and we hope to see you as we time warp back to the 80’s this September. FINAL SCORES:
1 Roland Emmerich’s rejects 73
2 Bishop’s milky eye 68
3 The Quizth Element 67
4 The Face huggers 65
5 The Farce awakens 60
6 The Tannhauser gates 59
7 Puny Earthlings Need Immediate Slaughtering (Team P.E.N.I.S) 58
8 Quiz on your face 58
9 Moon unit 57.5
10 Schrodinger’s dawgz 57
11 The Book was better than the film 57
12 (as arnie would say) Cybernetic Ubah Nuu Tech Systems (vurk it auht!) 56
13 Elite Hunting 56
14 The Lying cats 56
15 Doc Brown’s lost children 55
16 We came from another world 55
17 Not the butt 54
18 Lauren Los Vernes 53
19 Spunk-meyer’s children 53
20 Belfast boys 52
21 Cantina band 52
22 Quizdrict 9 52
23 Fuck doctor who 51
24 Kaitlin – I am your father/ mother 51
25 Flash Gordon Brown 49
26 Reel guru’s 49
27 Weird and pissed off 49
28 28 quiz questions later 46
29 Drain Bramage 42
30 Judge Dreddful 40
31 DMC-15 39
32 Partial Recall 39
33 Sliced alone 39
34 Total Lack of Recall (previously the mystery team) 38
35 Steven Scott’s Bitches 37
36 Inglorious Bar-studs 36
37 Quiz Team Bale 35
38 Version Original 35
39 KHAAAN!! 34
40 Quiz Con Jinn 32
41 Killer Clowns 29
42 The Unbearable shite-ness of being 28
43 Northwood 28
44 Ginter-stellar (formerly known as The dick heads) 26
45 Not the nerds 25
46 Spaced out 24
47 Brasil-er-inha’s 21
48 The Omega 3 Man [they left in the break… boooo]