buy Pregabalin 75 mg capsule A magical evening was always on the cards for the June edition of the Filmageddon Film Quiz but not even we could see it being such a special, fun-filled and dare we say MAGICAL night. The very special ANIMATION DOMINATION quiz again trumped all expectations and saw another packed house at the legendary Prince Charles Cinema. Again we had over 200 film fanatics fill the downstairs screen which comprised a whopping 60 teams all with a single goal in common…VICTORY…well maybe not victory but at least to have a hell of a good time and we think the night definitely delivered in spades.

We kicked off our animation themed quiz with a spot of ANIMATION TRIVIA which was comprised of a number of questions relating to animated films of all types and even Kevin Bacon took part (as he always does) representing the ONE DEGREE OF KEVIN BACON round with his star turn in the animated CLASSIC ‘Balto’. Following the first round came a special video second round celebrating 30 years of Studio Ghibli. While not everyone would be up to snuff it would have been criminal to omit such a studios collective works from our animation quiz. To close out Part 1 of our quiz we turned to the tried and tested SOUNDTRACK ROUND which this month featured instrumental covers of Disney Classics. You could tell it would be a special night as already music filled the air and the audience began to sing along.

With the end of the Soundtrack Round came the first break of the evening during which we called up the audience for a spirited bout of KNOCKOUT. Dozens tried to get up to the stage but there was only room for 8 challengers, their goal, name as many Disney films created by Disney Animation Studios. The game was another long, hard fought contest with some truly deep pulls by a few of the players. In the end we had our victor and only a few film titles remaining, another fantastic display of cinematic knowledge. It was then time to look over the scores and see just how close it all was. A number of returning and new teams found themselves jockeying for position at the top of the pile midway through.

Three teams scored over 30 points in Part 1 including ‘BEING WRONG NEVER BOTHERED US ANYWAY’ on 31 points and a two-way tie on 32 points for ‘Barry’ and ‘Oi, Summer-isle! Shut up and drink your gin!’. Several other teams all hovered around them in the high twenties waiting to feast on their remains should they slow up in the second half. Only time would tell who would claim ultimate victory. Before beginning the second half of the quiz we paid special tribute to the late Christopher Lee by listening to him reading ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. A fitting choice to say goodbye to one of the greatest to have ever graced the screen, he will be missed.

Thus began Part 2 leading off with a STOP-MOTION POSTER TAGLINES ROUND. 10 poster taglines from 10 stop-motion animated films. Next came the OBSCURED PICTURE ROUND this month featuring NON-DISNEY (and PIXAR) Computer Animated Films. A round that is, as always deceptively difficult. Then, just like that we found ourselves about to begin the final round of ANIMATION DOMINATION, a round in which we would go back to the world of Disney (a running theme throughout the night) for some DISNEY TRIVIA. And then…it was over.

Papers exchanged, scores mark, answer sheets handed in and then the waiting began though it wouldn’t be our style at Filamgeddon to keep the masses waiting in boredom. No. At Filmageddon we pride ourselves at being an event, being bigger and better than the rest and what better way to keep a party going then with a DISNEY SING-A-LONG. We invited members of the audience to come up and join us as we rocked out to two Disney classic in classic sing-a-long style complete with bouncing ball! The crowd went wild, hell we went wild to. It was simply fantastic to see everyone getting into the fun of the evening and having a blast but what about the winners you ask? Well… With the scores tallied it was time to see who separated themselves from the rest, who would be able to say that they were FILMAGEDDON CAHMPIONS.

It proved another tight race with several teams scoring over 60 points (out of 80). In THIRD place with 68 points, coming on strong with the second best second half score was ‘RALPH BAKSHI REJECTS’. In SECOND place with 69 points ‘BEING WRONG NEVER BOTHERED US ANYWAY’ which meant that FILMAGEDDON saw its FIRST EVER TWO-TIME CHAMPION in TEAM BARRY! Huge CONGRATULATIONS for accomplishing something that hasn’t happened in our brief existence. To all of Filmageddon’s past champions the gauntlet has been thrown down, who will step up to take down TEAM BARRY!?! Perhaps we will find out on THURSDAY JULY 16th at the PRINCE CHARLES CINEMA as FILMAGEDDON returns for a special SCIENCE FICTION THEMED QUIZ titled THE DAY THE QUIZ STOOD STILL (we are a clever bunch). We’d wager a guess on there not being a sing-a-long portion to the next one but you can bet we’ll have something fun in store for you guys, gals and xenomorphs in attendance. We can’t wait to see you there

buy Seroquel no prescriptions FULL SCORES
1 Barry 73
2 Being wrong never bothered us anyway (sung to Let It Go) 69
3 Ralph Bakshi rejects 68
4 Oi, Summer-isle! Shut up and drink your gin! 67
5 Quiztopher Lee 67
6 The claw is our master 64
7 A113 63
8 Grinding Nemo 62
9 The B113 team 62
10 Cinderella’s ugly nefarious two sisters (work it out) 61
11 Thunder Thunder Thunder-twats HOOOOOO 60
12 The lady and a tramp 58
13 Pixar: Entertaining Nerds In Space (PENIS) 58
14 RIP Quiztopher Lee 58
15 Small cleft in Gaston’s chin 58
16 The Droogs 58
17 K.O.T.G 57
18 Monsters university graduates 57
19 Macaully Culkin 56.5
20 Team Wolf 56
21 Honey, you mean HUNK-ULES! 55
22 Quiztopher Robin and his Pooh 54.5
23 3 ladies and a tramp 54
24 Quizity Quazity Quoo 54
25 Standard Issue Nerds 54
26 This quiz never bothered me anyway 54
27 Animated 53
28 One part coffee 53
29 Re-animated corpse of Walt Disney 52
30 Big summer blowout 51
31 Animaniminions 50.5
32 Elite Hunting 49
33 Crazy old maurice’s ravers 47
34 The Duloc Society for Ogre Equality 47
35 Gurgi’s crunchings and munchings 46.5
36 Mexican wave 45
37 Sex toy story 45
38 The 99 monkeys 45
39 Damn you, Bella italia 44
40 You’re a quizzard Harry 41
41 Ani-mazing 40
42 R5 40
43 Team “I’ll make a man of you” 40
44 FCB! Beeatches! 39.5
45 Lion King- Clearly my fave film 39
46 She is rocket, He is Groot 39
47 The Jordans 39
48 The Italian job 38.5
49 Finn and Jake 38
50 Les gits 38
51 Children of the claw 37
52 Pair of jokers 37
53 Me love animation long time 36
54 Disney-fied 35
55 Two beauties and the beast 34
56 Thinking BOB 31
57 Finding Mung Flesh 26
58 Princess and the Puppy 26
59 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 26
60 Bockle scratches 5