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where to buy provigil online The smoke has cleared and another FILMAGEDDON FILM QUIZ has ended. As the world tries to pick up the pieces after the bloody battle with the fearsome Quiztron we must remember the faithful final stand between humans and quiz. Filmageddon 2.2: Age of Quiztron was another EPIC night in the short albeit storied history of the Filmageddon Film Quiz. Another night which saw record hundred partake in LONDON’S BIGGEST QUIZ NIGHT. Over 40 teams battled it out for supremacy but in the end only the most worthy could lift the prize bag and claim the title of FILMAGEDDON CHAMPIONS.

The story begins… Quiztron showed his face early and often on the night. A quizzing menace was causing all sorts of technical terror on the quizzing team but was held at bay enough to put their plan into action. The plan, to gather the best quizzing minds, super hero fans, comic book readers and more to the Prince Charles Cinema for a massive battle of whits. The quiz began with a general theme round covering comic and super hero film trivia including box office results, awards, character names and of course the monthly appearance of the ONE DEGREE of KEVIN BACON. The teams easily disposed of that trivia but Quiztron would not rest until he claimed victory and thus unleashed the STAN LEE CAMEO ROUND which was followed by the even more diabolical INDIE COMIC BOOK SOUNDTRACK ROUND. Things were beginning to get serious but as a great man once said…why so serious? At the end of Part 1 of the quiz the teams had all for the most part done a fine job of keeping up with Quiztron so the Filmageddon team decided to reward the troops with some much needed R and R in the form of a game of KNOCKOUT. The teams sent up their representatives and fought long and hard to try and remember the films of Chris Evans but in the end only one person could win the hearts and souls of the crowd. When all was said and done the Champion joined his quiz team just as Quiztron prepared to launch PART 2 of his crazed plan.

The next phase of his plan saw the teams battle it out with a round of SUPER HERO POSTER TAGLINES. This proved a minor distraction as the teams battled through however it only got tougher as Quiztron unleashed his masterstroke…the ORIGNAL CREATIONS OBSCURED PICTURE ROUND featuring film clips from films centered on original super hero creations. It was a massive show of power and knocked the wind out of many of our faithful heroes but all was not yet lost and the teams would gather together to take on the final wave, the MCU TRIVIA ROUND. After the final question was asked the FILMAGEDDON TEAM knew that the gathered heroes needed a distraction, something to take their minds off the hard fought battle they had just partaken in so several rounds of KEYWORDS were in order.

With that the battle was won, Quiztron had fled and all that remained was for the victorious teams to bask in the glow of victory. Several returning teams put on a great show including THE AVENGERS: SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, TEAM PENIS and BARRY ASSEMBLES however it would be a NEW team that would take up the mantel of Filmageddon Champions… ROB LIEFIELD’S REJECTS. A SUPER-SIZED congratulations is in order for all that came along and took part in an epic night of film quiz fun! Like all comic book films our little story had an after-credit twist as the evil Quiztron returned to strike a devastating blow to the Filmageddon Super Computer cause us to lose the total scores. A sad reminder that evil is always out there ready to strike. It would seem that the actual scores are lost forever but fear not as the Computer will return ready to avenge the data. (We’re sorry but something went wrong with one of our laptops and lost the final scores but won’t be an issue going forward) So until next time…that time being THURSDAY JUNE 11th at THE PRINCE CHARLES CINEMA. Do join us for our next very special ANIMATION FILM QUIZ. See you next time true believers. *BE SURE TO TAG YOURSELVES!