buy accutane uk online The Big Quizowski Small March saw the biggest crowd ever for a Filmageddon Film Quiz, we hit our 200 person cap and on the day increased the cap to 240. When all was said and done we had 230 film fanatics in the house which made up 51 teams. So really there was no place to go but down…right? WRONG! You fantastic film buffs came out in droves yet again with our special comedy themed April quiz. Not only did we sell out by hitting our new cap of 240 people but you also smashed the record of teams as when the dust settled and the final scores were tallied there was a staggering 63 teams…SIXTY-THREE TEAMS AT A QUIZ NIGHT. WOW. It’s all we at Filmageddon can say to the response that our little quiz night has been getting. Would it be greedy of us to hope for the numbers to stay this high, maybe but as Mr. Gekko once said ‘Greed is good’.

Now that we’ve gotten that little bit of ego stroking out of the way let’s get on to the story of FILMAGEDDON 2.1 THE BIG QUIZOWSKI. As (hopefully) most of you were aware our April quiz was comedy themed and featured questions spanning through the history of some of the funniest and some of the not-so-funniest movies of all time. We would kick things off as we always do with a GENERAL TRIVIA ROUND with perhaps one of the hardest and most groan inducing questions in Filmageddon’s history…REEL EDUCATION. The audience was tasked with naming the fictional Universities that several famous college comedies took place at. It became apparent pretty quickly that the Quizmaster was out to up the difficulty in April as the there was some pretty high scores in March. Things would get easier for everyone but in the end Quizowski did raise the difficulty bar as no team made it pass 55 points (out of a possible 80). After the general trivia round we moved onto a comedy edition of the FAMOUS FILM QUOTES ROUND. Featuring clips from films like Uncle Buck, Some Like it Hot, Animal House and more the teams would need to hold back their laughter and recall the punch lines to a number of famous (and a few obscure) lines. Following up the quotes would and bringing PART 1 of our quiz to an end was the SOUNDTRACKS ROUND with the theme of 90’s COMEDIES.

With part 1 of the quiz over and the answer sheets collected it was time for the much hyped (not really) #SandlerOff a special game that saw several audience members up on the stage taking place in a knock out competition in which they had to keep naming Adam Sandler films until only one player remained. Filmageddon Team Member and captain of #TeamAdam, Adam Grundy got proceedings off but almost instantly retired from the contest presumably to give the paying public a chance at winning some prizes as his Adam Sandler film knowledge is second to none. After our failed attempt at getting #SandlerOff trending it was time to see how the teams stood at half-time. Only two teams found themselves over the 20 point plateau at the break with ‘The Fuckin’ Amateurs’ at 21 points and ‘Whiteman! Price! And Haddad!’ sitting pretty in 1st on 25. It was still anyone’s game though as several teams sat nipping at their heels including ‘Putting Every Nation In Sync (PENIS)’ and ‘Apollo 69’ both on 19 points.

Onto PART 2 and the POSTER TAGLINE ROUND which was running with the theme of COMEDY SEQUELS. We would then move onto the OBSCURED VIDEO ROUND which featured all films based on SNL sketches and/or characters…a well that is not very deep. We then came into the home stretch with our sixth and final round which would test the crowd’s knowledge on ‘The Big Lebowski’ in addition to some Coen Brothers trivia. The final question produced a similar groan to the first as the quiz drew to a close. The time was at hand to get the scores marked and input into the Filmageddon Super Computer. As the computer…computed the Quiz Team took to the stage to introduce another new game to the crowd at the PCC, the name of which was ‘KEYWORDS’. In this game two audience members would face off in a head-to-head battle to see who could correctly name a film first when presented with nothing but a films IMDB Keywords. The game proved so popular that we played it several times and while the crowd seemed to demand even more it was time to find out who won our little (HUGE) quiz…but don’t worry, KEYWORDS will most definitely be back! So then there was just the matter of the Quizmaster reading out 63 scores and butchering as many team names as possible. So whose knowledge reigned supreme? Who knew their Dumbs from their Dumbers?

A strong second half and PICTURE ROUND (The many looks of Jim Carrey) would see ‘The Fuckin’ Amateur’ see off the competition and take the crown with an impressive 52 points. Coming in second and OH SO CLOSE to becoming the first BACK-TO-BACK Filmageddon Champions was ‘Team Barry’ who after a slow start round their rhythm with 28.5 points in Part 2 (The most by far) but in the end they still finished short with 51.5 points total. Rounding out the TOP 3 was…well…THREE DIFFERENT TEAMS all TIED on 51 points. ‘Whitman! Price! And Haddad!’, ‘The Not Ready for Primetime Players’, and The Avengers: Some Assembly Required’. Of course special mention should also go out to the 58 other teams who showed up for what was one of the best quiz nights ever. It is no easy feat to win at Filmageddon especially with so much competition but we strive to make it a fun ride regardless if you take the title or the always fantastic booby prize. We can only hope to see all 63 of you groups again especially as we get ready for our most epic night yet with our May quiz…AGE OF QUIZTRON which will of course be themed on Super Hero/Comic Book based films. We are hoping to get some special prizes and sponsors set up and make it another great quiz and a celebration of comic book culture

1. The Fuckin’ Amateurs – 53
2. Barry – 51.5
3. Whitman! Price! And Haddad! – 51
4.The Not Ready for Primetime Players – 51
5. The Avengers: Some Assembly Required – 51
6.Apollo 69 – 49.5
7. Boots, Clothes, Motorcycle and the Three Amigos – 48.5
8. Putting Every Nation In Sync (P.E.N.I.S.) – 47.5
9.Brendan Fraser’s Golden Years – 47.5
10. Aerobic Insanity – 47
11. Phil Pitango – 45
12. The Quiftons – 44
13. I Fled Screaming From Godzilla – 43.5
14. We Eat Hipsters – 43
15. Standard Issue Nerds – 43
16. Fart Locker – 43
17. Elite Hunting – 41.5
18. The Audrey 2 – 41
19. The Shitty Beatles – 40
20. Quiz Pratt – 39.5
21. This Girl Can – 38.5
22. Stay Tuned – 38
23. Pinot Noir Cavier – 38
24. The Da Vinci Chode – 37.5
25. Braindead Scags – 37
26. You’re the Expert Mark – 36
27. The Human Roomba – 36
28. Kevin Keegan & Kel – 35.5
29. What’s the deal with quizzes? – 35
30. Pete and Dud – 34
31. Might as well have just brought Michaela – 34
32. Screw the Debate – 33.5
33.The Spillies – 32.5
34. Kevin’s Hot – 32.5
35. P Munchers featuring Bob Hobnob – 32
36. Di Nam Ic – 32
37. All By Myself – 31.5
38. Dumb, Dumber & Dumberer – 31
39. The Hadley no Hopers – 30
40. Where the Fuck are the Rest of our Team – 29
41. The Clark Quizwalds – 29
42. Braille o Rama – 28.5
43. Action Jaxons – 28
44. Cinemassacre – 27.5
45. Team V – 27
46.The 3 Quizkateers – 25.5
47. I Used to Quiz guys like you in Prison – 25
48. America – FUCK YEAH – 25
49. The Losers – 24
50. The Bruce Willies – 24
51. Really, Really Dumb and then some – 24
52. Too Much Pressure – 22.5
53. Team Nicky – 22
54. Norfolk in Chance – 22
55. Ma-Ka-Nay-Tors – 21.5
56. I didn’t mean to scare you Patrick Viera – 21.5
57. Random United – 21
58. Quiztian Bale – 21
59. Banditas – 20
60. The 3 Amigos – 17.5
61. Master Debaters – 16
62. Perri – 10
63. Tarentino cuts your ear off – 0