buy generic neurontin online  OSCAR POSTER SMALL It had been some time since the survivors of the Filmageddon had gathered for the challenge of the Quizmaster…nearly 3 months since the festive season but boy was it worth the wait. The BIGGEST turnout ever for FIlmageddon…dare we say a film quiz in London in general as over 230 people filled the downstairs cinema at the Prince Charles accounting for 51 total teams battling it out. It would prove no small feat for teams both new and old to win top spot at the first installment of Filmageddon Season 2.

The night began with the Filmageddon team’s attempt at humor, a Birdman spoof played to help set the tone of the evening before things got underway with ROUND 1 which this month consisted of GENERAL OSCAR TRIVIA, a nice and easy round to work everyone into the groove of things. Before long our Quizmaster was able to shut up and get some videos playing on the big screen with ROUND 2 which this month was called AND THE OSCAR GOES TO…the round consisted of video clips from previous Oscar broadcasts in which all the nominees were named before the video cut out with the goal being to name which actor/actress won the award. The next and final round of part 1 was ROUND 3 featuring SOUNDTRACKS from best picture nominees (released in 2009 but up for the award in 2010). Like a whirlwind that already brought us to the end of PART 1.

Once all the scores for tallied for the first half it became clear that we would have quite the contest on our hands as several teams had accumulated over 30 points but there was one that stood above the rest by the break and that was TEAM BARRY who had gotten EVERY QUESTION CORRECT from part 1, no easy feat to be sure but team E.T. SHOULD HAVE WON was nipping at their heels having missed only 2 questions. It would be an interesting second half. Before we got to the second part of our quiz we invited several members of the audience to come up and take part in a game that would push their Oscar knowledge to the limit. We went down the line and each person had to name a film that had won best picture, once a person could not name a film they would have to step down until we would be left with one. When this game was devised the team never thought it would last very long but oh how wrong they would be. It was an impressive display by all but by the end two remained and we able to successfully name all but TWO best picture winners…for lack of a better word it was AMAZING. We of course then had a quick appearance from the always great IMDBonus round which this month featured DEER HUNTER as the answer and a lucky member of the audience took home a lovely keepsake but while bonus rounds are fun it was time to get back to the main event and begin PART 2.

ROUND 4 kicked us off with BEST PICTURE POSTER TAGLINES which went over very well with everyone before moving on ROUND 5 which saw the FIlmageddon team change the normally difficult OBSCURRED PICTURES round to the almost too east DISTORTED PICTURE ROUND featuring clips from 10 BEST PICTURE WINNERS. It was a round that many teams did very well at but don’t get used to it as our Quizmaster was feeling generous and will surely up the difficulty for his next quiz. Finally the quiz would wrap up with the final round of the night, ROUND 6 focused on trivia from the 2015 Oscars and just like that we were ready to input all the data into the FIlmageddon super computer and see who would take the ultimate title.

As the computer was compiling the data we invited up a few more members of our audience to play another new game, this game was called ACCEPTANCE SPEECHES and involved the volunteers having to give an acceptance speech for shall we say somewhat dubious films. The crowd would then vote via applause who they believed deserved the award. After some more prizes were given out it was FINALLY TIME to see who would take the first FILAMGEDDON TITLE of 2015.

It came down to three teams all within 4 points of each other. Coming in 3rd with 72 out of 80 points was E.T. SHOULD HAVE WON who had a slight drop off in their second half performance which saw them drop a spot. In 2nd place with 73 out of 80 points came INHERENT MICE who like E.T. scored a perfect score on the picture round. With their competition from the first half out of the way there was no one standing in the way of TEAM BARRY who pulled out a MASSIVE SCORE of 76 out of 80 points. The closest to a perfect score we have ever had at Filmageddon. Special mention goes to team JOHN CANDYMAN who had the highest score in Part 2 pulling in 32.5 out of 35 points.

Bravo to all who took part in what was an EPIC NIGHT of quizzing and fun. With that the Quizmaster and the team bid a fond farewell to all in attendance but not before informing the masses of the next quizzing event. Coming your way on THURSDAY APRIL 2nd will be FILMAGEDDON 2.1 aka THE BIG QUIZOWSKI a very special film quiz themed all on comedy films. Get set to get silly in April as we return for the BIGGEST FILM QUIZ in LONDON FULL SCORES
1-Barry -76 pts
2-Inherent Mice -73pts
3-E.T. should have won -72pts
4-The wickedly talented dick poop team -70pts
5-The silence of the Unforgiven Million Dollar Gandhi -70pts
6-John Candyman -69.5pts
7-The Avengers: Some Assembly Required -69pts
8-Live Long and…..OH -68pts
9-60% of the time, we’re right all the time -68pts
10-Pretentious Evening Now in Session (TEAM PENIS) -67 pts
11-I’d like to thank my childhood trauma -66pts
12-O Scar Face -65pts
13-Oscar Victorious -64pts
14-Get to the CHOPPA -64pts
15-Bluth Company Outing -63pts
16-Apollo 69 -63pts
17-Monkey Business -60pts
18-Subordinate CLAWS -59pts
19-The Pink Ladies -58pts
20-Elite Hunting -57pts
21-Audio Destruction -56pts
22-Quizno’s -52pts
23-Bridbrain (or the unexpected downside of ignorance) -52pts
24-The Quizzard of Oz -50pts
25-Quiztian Grey -50pts
26-Chase n’ Statham (WON BEST TEAM NAME) -50pts
27-Wildcats -49pts
28-Quizzly Bear -49pts
29-Bob Hope we win -48pts
30-The Shitty Beatles -47pts
31-Basil and the great mouse detectives -44pts
32-Knack & Back -43pts
33-Fabulous Baker Girls -43pts
34-Lee’s Hot -42pts
35-The Zero’s -41pts
36-Cine-massacre -41pts
37-Oscar the Grouch and the Spandex all stars -40pts
38-Curry Club -38.5pts
39-The Food-Fighters -38pts
40-El Doritos -35pts
41-What kind of a deal?!? -34pts
42-Sleepless in Elephant & Castle -34pts
43-Where are my tits!?! -33pts
44-Twins -32pts
45-Please Evacuate, this is not a drill -28pts
46-Desolino -28pts
47-Cine gals -25pts
48-This place is dead anyway -24pts
49-Ineffective Intelligence -20pts
50-Age of Fartron -19pts
51-The French Connection & Co -15pts